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About The Firm

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The Physical Security Architects, Inc. (PSA) is a professional security and investigation firm focused on making the built-environment more secure and safer for its users.  With specialized knowledge and experience in criminology, security, architecture and construction, we have a unique understanding and appreciation for how the built-environment contributes to the occurrences of criminal behavior and critical incidents.  Our focus and our passion involve improving the security levels of protection within the built-environment thereby increasing the safety of its users.

PSA was originally established in response to an overwhelming need relating to environmental criminology and physical security applications.  Our company was founded upon principles and historic ideas embedded in concepts such as Problem-Oriented-Policing, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, and Creating Defensible Space.  We have combined specific knowledge and expertise in these areas with thirty-years of experience in architecture and construction, in order to develop creative solutions to complex security-related problems.

Our strategy – with every assignment, is to not only develop a complete and sincere understanding of our clients’ concerns and desires, but to also identify vulnerabilities and scenarios commonly overlooked by traditional security assessment methods and applications.  We understand that every assignment is unique in its circumstances, thereby requiring a unique and creative approach in order to develop real solutions.

We are located just outside Denver, Colorado and routinely provide services throughout Colorado and other states.