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The Physical Security Architects, Inc.



Creating a Safer and More Secure Environment

In today’s climate, the implementation of physical security measures is becoming the standard in both private and public facilities.  Whether a new facility or an existing one, physical security measures provide vast opportunities for combatting today’s risks and threats.  Such measures however do not require your facility to resemble a “fortress” in order to be secure.  Most facility owners desire to maintain an aesthetically pleasing facility while also establishing acceptable security levels of protection.  The Physical Security Architects, Inc. combines unique knowledge and expertise in security, criminology, architecture and construction to develop viable security measures while staying sensitive to the aesthetic and functional desires.

In developing viable security measures for reaching and maintaining established levels of protection, we take an all-encompasing approach in our assessments and evaluations.  We work closely with owners, facility users, and even first responders in order to develop a comprehensive security management plan that combines both physical and operational security standards.  Successful security planning requires more than just problem-solving; it requires problem-identifying.  Regardless of the facility type, we have the ability and expertise to identify the vulnerabilities, to develop responsible countermeasures, to design viable solutions, and to educate and train the owners and users how to better rely on a safer and more secure built-environment.

If you own or operate a facility, or are in the process of having a new facility developed and are concerned about implementing responsible security measures, contact us today – we can help.